Howdy. Bienvenido. Wilkommen.


Welcome to Blame Sally’s studio blog!  Let’s call it “Sally Sessions” for now.  Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for arriving here.

Starting next week – the band is going back in the studio to have some fun and play some music.  We’ll just hit record, let the Sallies do what they do – and magic will ensue, as usual.

The whole thing will be documented here – in words, pictures and even some video probably.  Nothing fancy.  “Professional amateur” is what they call it I think.

The point is to pull back the curtain a bit – to see how the Sallies record the music that touches so many people.

So check back middle of next week for the latest.  In the meantime – go check out for tour dates and merch. Tell your friends!

And here’s a little something to tide you over…a video of “Jumpstart,” a track off the great new album “Night of 1000 Stars.”

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    Drop some comments and questions for the band!