Concluding a stellar 2011, Blame Sally taped a KVIE special at member station in Sacramento in December.

The ultimate goal of the live taping was to not only help raise money for KVIE, but to present Blame Sally as a role model for women everywhere. They are an example of healthy, authentic women, proud of their age, defying the odds by forming a successful rock band in their 40′s and 50′s. What they have accomplished is truly an inspiration and women across America need to see that!

Blame Sally is excited to announce the release of the DVD in partnership with KVIE’s August Pledge Drive.

Following a celebration of the live CD at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco last April, the DVD will be released at Harlows in Sacramento on September 9th. Those interested in attending the August 24th concert at KVIE studios in Sacramento can pledge money directly to KVIE in exchange for tickets and/or the DVD here or find out about VIP seats by calling 1-800-270-6601.

View the Blame Sally KVIE Promotional Video

Visit the Harlow’s website for complete show information