"Renée Harcourt writes gem after gem. If you're interested in impeccable songcraft with wit and imagination, music with a wonderful rhythmic feel, and a lovely singing voice performing work with warmth and emotion, then have a listen to Brilliant Addiction."

Lee Townsend, Producer

Renée Harcourt

Brilliant Addiction

Often referred to as a force to be reckoned with, Renée Harcourt wrote, produced, arranged, performed, recorded and designed her new solo cd release “Brilliant Addiction”. Recorded in her home studio, she has put together a group of hooky Americana Pop tunes that ponder matters of the heart with humor and angst. The collection includes a different arrangement of the Blame Sally classic “Lucky”; a long time favorite of Renée’s written by Los Angles friend Andy Manoff; “Could Have Been You” and many new songs which never made their way to the Blame Sally repertoire.

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