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Blame Sally's Boots, B-Sides and Bonus Tracks

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CD Specials

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Package #1: Some of Everything!

You get:
  • All Seven Blame Sally CDs
  • A Speeding Ticket and a Valentine' pin
  • A Shirt of your Choice (Long-Sleeves are $10 more)

All for just $80.

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Package #2: One-Stop Shopping!

Want to help spread the music? Easy gift-giving opportunity with something extra for yourself!
  • 10 copies of Blame Sally's 'Speeding Ticket and a Valentine'
  • Plus the shirt of your Choice (Longsleeves are $10 more)

All for just $100.

and then

Package #3: Design Your Own!

Want to customize your package or have some special requests?

Drop us a line and we can make it happen.