Caring Bridge’s Grace Dammann’s open letter

Hi Blame Sally fans,

We wanted to give you all the opportunity of reading Grace Dammann’s open letter about her life, friendship with Renee, and inspiration, that was posted on her website Caring Please take a moment to read Renee’s introduction and Grace’s beautiful letter:

Renee’s Introduction:

“Hi All,

I wanted to share this beautiful entry that my friend Grace made on her Caring Bridge website. I found it so touching…I wanted to share it with you.

Grace… is/was a pioneer medical doctor in the AIDS field at Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco. She and her partner Fu, who is a high buddhist priestess at Green Gulch Zen Center, adopted a little girl at birth, named Sabrina, who was born HIV positive, along with several other complications. Since Grace is an expert caretaker, they have given Sabrina a wonderfully full, nurtured life, thinking that she would probably not live more than a couple of years. Sabrina is now 18, I believe, and about to graduate from high school. She is another amazing member of this brave family. Three years ago, Grace was driving with Sabrina and Sabrina’s service dog on the GG bridge and was hit head on. Once removed from the car by the jaws of life, she was air lifted off the bridge to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. Every bone in her body had been broken or shattered and her prognosis was not good. Sabrina and her dog went virtually unhurt. Grace was in a coma for months. Long story short, she survived this nightmare…has been doing constant painful rehab for years, has had close to 20 surgeries trying to piece her body back together, is confined to a wheel chair and needs help with basic human life. But her mind is sharp as ever and her attitude is honest, gracious, open and beautiful. She is such an inspiration to so many people. Her beauty is infectious.”

Grace’s website and open letter:

Caring Bridge Website

Thank you,

Blame Sally

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