“Spokesman Geraint Jones said: ‘Blame Sally is a quartet with an attitude, combining acoustic textures with Americana harmonies and an independent spirit.’”

 Sussexexpress.co.uk, 10/26/12, Full Article

If Sally is to blame for getting this lot together, well then, thank you Sally.” 

thisissomerset.co.uk, 10/26/12, Full Article

“With an attitude combining acoustic textures with Americana harmonies and an independent spirit…”

 glasgowsouthandeastwoodextra.co.uk, Gregor Hollerin, 10/25/12, Full Article

“Blame Sally are the best all female four piece band that I have ever heard on record… They are highly skilled musicians when it comes to their instrumental licks and all four are tremendous songwriters and lead vocalists with their harmonies being just about unmatchable!”

 “Generally I’m not a lover of live albums, with a few exceptions such as ‘Waiting for Columbus’ and ‘Rock of Ages’ and must admit to being amazed that I love this one so much when my expectations were pretty low. The fact is that this is a great album from four hugely talented women who in all probability wouldn’t know how to sound twee!”

– americanrootsuk.com, Full Review

Collectively they’re as tight as you could hope a rock band to be and with the lead vocals swapped around a bit, there is plenty of variation in the sound to enjoy. The women give strong support to each other on backing vocals and, most of all, they play with a relish and enjoyment that is infectious and inclusive.”

– Flying Shoes Review, John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy, 10/13/12, Full Review

“…they probably grew up with Fleetwood Mac spewing from the airwaves and it’s the likes of the Mac along with the Cowboy Junkies that seem to inform their sound…”

 Paul Kerr, paulkerr.wordpress.com, 10/7/12, Full Review

“Blame Sally kicks butt. What a group of talent.”

– pattyandspike.blogspot.com, September 2012, Full Review

“Looking for powerful aural poetry? Blame Sally.”

– Jaime O’Neil, Newsreview.com, September 2012, Full Review

“Blame Sally brings you everything from stompboxes to fiddles, as they weave their magic in a tapestry of musical delight. And don’t for a minute think of them as a folk band as they add a little bit of rock, and a whole lotta heart into each and every performance, blending the different genres into a melodic work of art.”

“Their live performances are more than just a musical journey, as they banter back and forth with each other in between songs as only true friends can do, making for a very entertaining evening.”

– Randy Miramontez, Sacramento Press, September 2012, Full Article

“What sets Blame Sally apart from many of their contemporaries is their organic ‘feel’ that pervades their work which is in equal measures folky, acoustic, and electrified.”

“Blame Sally are a band not to miss.”

– Pete Whalley, Getreadytorockme.uk, September 2012, Full Review

“Blame Sally brings you everything from stompboxes to fiddles, as they weave their magic in a tapestry of musical delight. And don’t for a minute think of them as a folk band as they add a little bit of rock, and a whole lotta heart into each and every performance, blending the different genres into a melodic work of art.”

– Randy Miramontez, Sacramento Press, September 2012, Full Article

“Not many can cover Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Never Going Back Again’ and bring something new to the party, and the sparse bluesy cover of ‘Chain Of Fools’ that closes the set is the finest version I’ve ever heard and guaranteed to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.”

– Pete Whalley, Get Ready To Rock Radio, September 2012, Full Article

“Their talents lie in several areas instrumentally, vocally and lyrically and what really seals the deal are the sincere emotions that are woven in with all of the music itself.”

– Cynthia Rucryst, Rogue Valley Messenger, August 2012, Full Article

“The band’s heavy instrumentation has drawn comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, while the rich harmonies have been compared to everyone from the Indigo Girls to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.”

– Jeremy D. Bonfiglio, H-P Features Writer, August 2012, Full Article

“There is something for everyone in their lyrics and the musicianship is beyond reproach.”

– Siskiyou Daily, August 2012

“They draw on their life experiences and diverse backgrounds to create original compositions with something for everyone. Plus, Sally Jeri Jones is recognized as one of the finest female lead guitarists around.”

– Mt. Shasta News, June 2012, Full Article

“They are accomplished musicians on their own, and when they get together, the sum is even greater than its parts – they are their own entity,” 

– Rosalie Howarth, KFOG Radio Station, June 2012, Full Article

Blame Sally, another all-woman band, likewise represents the spirit of music for its own sake — and not necessarily for fortune and fame.

– Diane Urbani de la Paz, Peninsula Daily News, May 2012, Full Article

“The women of Blame Sally demonstrate well with this live effort the joys a group of women — not girls — who know their craft can have on the stage. Their experience gives them the know-how to tell a story about more than puppy love or the latest fashion.” 

– Linda East Brady, hersutah.com, May 2012, Full Article

A Blame Sally show feels like a house concert — relaxed, good humored, and unpretentious.

– David Burns, Napa Valley Register, April 2012, Full Article

“Before the first note is even sung, the opening groove from for ladies, known collectively as Blame Sally, lets the listener know that they have come to play, and do they ever play throughout all ten stellar tracks. Lyrically, Blame Sally takes a sledge hammer to the notion that men are from Mars, women are from Venus as they play and sing truth to humanity.”

 Carol Sandick, Elmore Magazine

“There’s a lot of Stevie Nicks in Blame Sally’s countrified folk rock, but these veterans are less full of themselves, earthier, more self-assured – and more fun, too.”

– Vintage Guitar Magazine

“It would be so wrong for you not to know about these convention breaking artists. The music is intelligent and great.”

– Wendy Wham, KUNC.org (NPR), December 2011, Full Article

”With multiple lead singers, writers and a rich plethora of sonic colors at their fingertips, Blame Sally can easily move in Americana, folk, country and rock circles.”

– Mindy Giles, Bam Magazine, December 2011, Full Article

“Blame Sally is a little bit of country, a little bit of rock, a little bit of folk, and a whole lot of heart. They have been compared to the Indigo Girls, Dixie Chicks, and even Radiohead, but forget about all that, because one day some all-female band is going to come along and they will be compared to Blame Sally.”

– Randy Miramontez, Sacandbeyond.com, November 2011, Full Article

“Female quartet Blame Sally are a refreshing bunch and not in a dreary teeny-bopper hyped way. This is a group of experienced, passionate and dedicated musicians, all over 45, making thoughtful and sometimes rather dashing music…The self-produced Speeding Ticket and a Valentine is their second ‘commercial’ album. It’s gritty and melodic as it zips in and out of different styles and at different paces.”  

– Martin Chiton, The Telegraph UK, October 2011, Full Article

“Blame Sally are one of those artists that transcend the ordinary and make music that moves you and makes you feel the emotions that the singer is going through without the pain.”

– Andy Snipper, Music-News.com, October 2011, Full Article

“When Blame Sally took the stage at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on April 29 and 30, the quartet showcased tunes from Speeding Ticket and a Valentine, the Bay Area band’s fifth album. As has often been noted about Blame Sally, this all-female outfit boasts not only strong compositional and vocal skills, but serious instrumental chops as well.”

– seymourduncan.com, May 2011, Full Article

“A sensual vocal blend and their agile instrumental prowess find them earnest and assertive in terms of parlaying the material. The brittle emotions entrenched in “Bird In Hand” and the suggestive sentiments conveyed through ‘Countdown’ demonstrate a certain subtlety that makes their music all the more seductive.”

– Lee Zimmerman, Blurt Magazine, May 2011, Full Article

“With their decade plus of live performances and recordings, Blame Sally has established a legacy of song combining country, folk, rock, Celtic and strains of classical music, which has brought originality together with a roots sensibility and pop accessibility.”

– Terry Roland, No Depression.com, May 2011, Full Article

“The four women in Blame Sally light up a club when they launch into one of their feel-good tunes. They’re all charismatic performers, but they’ve endeared themselves to their fans by becoming anti-rock stars. They’re warm and approachable, both on stage and off, treating fans like an extended family. The band members put their heart and soul into every note, and while they have an identifiable sound, their music defies easy categorization. They’re as likely to play a mellow folk ballad as a flat-out rocker, or follow a moody pop tune with some country funk.”

– J. Poet, East Bay Express, April 2011, Full Article

“The four members of the band Blame Sally croon into the microphones at the Opus Music Ventures studio, sounding, with their honey-smooth harmonies and soaring melodies, very much like a female version of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.”

– Jane Ganahl, Secondact.com, May 2010, Full Article

“Blame Sally combines lush electric and acoustic instrumental textures with sensuous harmonies and intriguing original compositions”

– Mike Parrish, Dirty Linen, January/February 2010

“Blame Sally broke the mold. In a music scene where youth still rules even as record company budgets shrink, this California quartet of middle-aged female rockers landed a five-year, three-album contract worth half-a-million bucks.”

– Daniel Gewertz, Boston Herald, Full Article

“Blame Sally’s lush, lovely melodies draw from folk and rock traditions, but they really distinguish themselves through their unusual storytelling. Moving from personal accounts to narratives inspired from the headlines, Blame Sally makes the political personal.”

– Reyhan Harmanci, San Francisco Chronicle, Full Article

“Climbing out of Billboard charts to find out what is not going on in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville or London is a pleasant experience. One of the best bands I’ve run across in recent years is a San Francisco-based quartet who has played music together in a variety of forms and venues since the early 1990s, finally coalescing into the band ‘Blame Sally’ in 2000.”

– Michael McGuire, San Francisco Examiner, Full Article

“Blame Sally Brings Light to the Darker Days of Our Recent Past”

– Terry Rowland, San Diego Troubador, Full Article

“Killing us softly ~ More subtle than strident, Blame Sally’s intriguing songs still pack a punch”

– Bill Forman, Colorado Springs Independent, Full Review

“All-female bands are still something of a novelty in music. The Dixie Chicks are certainly well-known, though they are supplemented by several guys on stage. There are the Indigo Girls, though as a folk duo, I don’t know if they qualify as a ‘band.’ One has to go back to the Bangles to find a popular band of all women. This week, we have another excellent example, Blame Sally, whose new CD is called Night of 1000 Stars.”

– George Graham, The Graham Weekly Album Review, Full Review

“For all my fellow Fiddlefreakers who dig the pop-rock side of the folkie spectrum: sally forth and get your hands on the new record from Blame Sally. These four velvet-vocaled ladies from San Francisco have somehow laid claim to the modern pop-folk sound while yet sounding fresh and inventive.”

– Stuart Mason, Fiddlefreak Folk Music Blog, Full Article

“Dallas has its Dixie Chicks, and San Francisco has Blame Sally, the difference being, among other things, that the Blame Sally women are less country and less flashy. What the two groups share are great singing, sharp, versatile musicality and a raft of anger at the current U.S. executive branch. Check out Blame Sally’s powerful video “If You Tell a Lie”, then attend the group’s CD release party tonight and dance.”

San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Datebook

“The band’s four-part harmonies should not be missed. Don’t blame us if you’re the last on your block to check out Blame Sally.”

– Mare Wakefield, Performing Songwriter

“Individually, Renee Harcourt, Monica Pasqual, Jeri Jones and Pam Delgado have long displayed stirring singer-songwriter gifts. Together they’re a powerhouse unit, presenting outstanding lead vocals and harmonies that carve out a strong identity on the indie-pop edges of Americana.”

– Paul Freeman, Palo Alto Daily News

“Severland is the quartet’s strongest and most cohesive album. To put it in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young terms, Severland is their Déjà Vu.  That’s actually not a bad starting point musically, either: acoustic guitars, piano, and creamy close harmonies predominate, with occasional hints of banjo and lap steel.”

– Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

 “Blame Sally has suddenly burst out of the pack as a Bay Area phenomenon, selling out shows, winning over new fans, enjoying tremendous response to their third CD, ‘Severland’, a collection of eclectic folk pop songs that are personal, playful and political.”

– Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal

“The fans who made ladies-only quartet Blame Sally a KFOG favorite (and highlight of the station’s new local-bands-only CD) must be loving the band’s eponymous studio album. Harmonizing femme-folk integrity with pop playfulness isn’t as easy as they make it sound; this is sweet, charming stuff.”

– Jonathan Kiefer, San Francisco Magazine

“Without a major or even indie label to promote and distribute their self-released debut album, this quartet of Bay Area women has had to rely on more grassroots techniques. When one local DJ started spinning occasional tracks from their CD on his show, the switchboards lit up with curious, captivated listeners. And no wonder-these Chicas know what they’re doing. Monica Pasqual, Pam Delgado, Jeri Jones and Rene Harcourt trade lead vocals and instruments as well as writing duties, and every song benefits from their collaboration. Little accents find their way in—like the flourish of cantina-style trumpets in the opener, “Birds Fly South” – and give a sense of locale and mood to their creations.

Especially cool are the harmonized choruses, many of which feature striking lyrics. On “My Shame”, they sing, “Give it here/ I’m feeling it, tasting it, drinking it/ I want to swim in it, live in it, dive into it/ Then give it up.” On paper, that’s a clever lyric, but in the context of the song, it jumps right out and charms the ear. In “Dead Horse”, a weird backward sounding guitar loop emphasizes the sneaky chorus: “I hope one day I can say I’m okay, that I’m out of the red and stop banging my head/ I hope one day you can learn how to say that you feel some remorse and I’ll stop beating a dead horse.” Sharp, funny and sandwiched into a funky little tune.”

 Heather Seggel, Bitch Magazine

“Even though Blame Sally hails from San Francisco, I still like to claim them as our own. After all, two members—Pam Delgado and Jeri Jones—used to live and play here in SLO County.”

– Glen Starkey, New Times, Full Article

“Very much in the realm of “women’s music”, Blame Sally is a fine debut that seems to be making converts wherever it’s played. The attention is deserved – this disc  s a winner.  Blame Sally opened their CD release concert with something a little bit different: “Vera Chiesa” features the addition of an Indian singer Shweta Jhaveri, a droning harmonium, eastern-influenced vocal harmonies, and the haunting slinking of quarter and half tones.”

Get Your Girl On

Beautiful harmonies, intricate instrumental work, smart lyrics, and gently energized rhythms mark the songs of this San Francisco-based folk-pop quartet. The four women in the band are each veteran musicians and songwriters in their own right, and together they create soulful, complex, finely crafted music. 

– Editor’s highlights, Downloads.com