Jeri loves her effects and pickups from

Seymore Duncan

and thanks Gibson for the Reverse-V guitar from the Grammys Gifting Suite.

Gibson Guitars

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DW Drums

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L.R. Baggs

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1. I have been hit by a car.

2. I’m a gearhead especially when it comes to guitars, amps and electronics. A new technical manual makes for great bedtime reading.

3. Relating to #2, I do not suffer from insomnia.

4. Between the ages of 5 and 6 I leaned to shoot a pistol and to whittle with my own pocket knife. I leaned to play guitar on ukelele by watching a PBS series on tv, then taught my mom to play. Now I’m trying to teach Pam to play but it’s hard.

5. My 8th birthday party was on the SS Lurline with my family, headed back to the mainland after 3 years stationed in Hawaii. I did not realize that I was a “Haole” until we left Hawaii.

6. I drive a battered old pickup with over a quarter million miles on it and a large bullet hole in the front fender, compliments SFPD. The bullet hole is a great conversation piece in certain circles I guess, and no, I wasn’t in the car when it was shot.

7. My grandfather, Garland Jones was the Justice of the Peace in a small town in the Great Smokey Mountains. He and my father ran moonshine, which my grandmother obviously never knew about. She always said in her sweet North Carolina accent, “Lips that touch likkah will nevah touch mine”.

8. My other grandmother was a jazz pianist and bandleader of her own combo, “Ruth’s Snappy Seven”. My great uncle Gordon was a pro jazz drummer.

9. My two sisters, Leslie and Lori are the best friends a person could have. It’s a miracle we’re still alive since our favorite pastime as kids was to try to kill each other. Really.

10. During high school I worked on closing crew in a fast food restaurant. We gave free food to our friends, partied and threw water balloons off the roof. My GPA dropped by 2 full points and I barely graduated.

11. I got my first guitar at age 7. My dad brought it back from Vietnam and it was really hard to play. My dad only knew one chord but could somehow play about a dozen songs. The best was “Ghost Riders in the Sky”.

12. I remember seeing Karen Carpenter play drums onstage when I was a kid and suddenly realizing that a girl could play a real instrument in a band.

13. I’ve been fortunate enough to play with almost all of my favorite singer/songwriters and musicians although I’m still waiting for a call from Rufus and Chaka Khan.

14. I have a degree in industrial / scientific photography from Brooks Institute.

15. I hope Prop 8 gets overturned.

16. I don’t know how to cook and am afraid to learn. I gave myself 3rd degree burns once trying to boil water during a tragic early morning pre-coffee accident. FYI, there are official stats on pre-coffee accidents.

17. Referring back to # 16 (boiling water), I cannot speak to anyone before my one large cup of morning coffee. Esp. do NOT break my concentration while I am making the coffee.

18. I was a strict vegetarian for exactly 20 years. Now I eat everything (in sight).

19. Does this guitar make my butt look big?

20. I’ve always wanted a brother and now I have one. Her name is Pam Delgado. She plays percussion in Blame Sally and tortures me on a regular basis.