Jeri loves her effects and pickups from

Seymore Duncan

and thanks Gibson for the Reverse-V guitar from the Grammys Gifting Suite.

Gibson Guitars

Pam goes wild over



DW Drums

Renee prefers pickups from

L.R. Baggs

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1. My father was a jazz pianist. I think that’s why I chose to be a graphic designer most of my life instead of a musician.

2. I wished I was a boy most of my childhood. Sometimes I would stand in front of the mirror and pretend I was Paul McCartney. I idolized my older brother.

3. I started playing piano at age 4, guitar at age 12 and wrote my first song when I was 24.

4. I have a teen-aged daughter.

5. I am a breast cancer survivor.

6. Some of my songs have been placed in tv shows including Charmed, The Young and the Restless, Felicity and Making the Video.

7. I designed snow skis for Skis Dynastar for 5 years.

8. I love to cook and enjoy good food and wine by candlelight.

9. More than just about anything, I love hanging out at home with my family.

10. Every once in awhile I throw a monkey wrench into my relatively stable life.

11. I can juggle, ride a unicycle and whistle loudly with or without fingers, but not all at the same time.

12. I love Southern California beaches, road trips and fruit pie.

13. I have a trail outside my front door, which I try to hike every day that leads to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Pacific Ocean.

14. I have a recording studio in my home and have been known to forget to eat, drink and pee when I’m in there. (This is weird, because normally I don’t like to miss a meal and I pee frequently).

15. I’m the jealous type and I learn things the hard way.

16. I like contemporary furniture and the occasional antique.

17. Whenever I finish writing a song, I always think it will be the last song I write.

18. My daughter and I have a “special kiss” that we invented. It is a series of kisses that includes all the kisses known to humankind (except for the French kiss).

19. Some day I’d like to be a music producer.

20. I taught graphic design to Gillian Welch when she was in high school.